Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Navisworks 2013 and Revit

It was too good to be working right from the start. One of the most unusual glitches is the view orientation of the model that was either exported from Revit or directly read by Navisworks. 
See the images...
This can be corrected by activating the home view option for every isometric view that was imported from Revit.

The more important "glitch" is the inability to properly show the long-awaited new feature of Navisworks 2013, grids and levels, which are quite absent when  Revit models are being upgraded to 2013 version or simply exported be previous versions or Revit and imported into Navisworks. 


Dwane Lindsey said...

Regarding the Delete option not being available...if you only have 1 file Appended in, you will not see the Delete option in the right-click. This was the same in 2012. Once you have more than 1 file Appended, you should see the Delete option, or even be able to hit the Delete key on your keyboard to remove the file.

And FYI...I'm able to Append in a RVT and Exported NWC file (2013) into a "project" and delete both.

Tomislav Zigo said...


Thanks for this correction. I guess in my frustration with slow conversion from 2012 and 2013 and with the absence of grid elements after this conversion, I have made an oversight when it comes to the first loaded nwc file.
Correction has been made....