Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where did BIM go?

At the center of SOM’s visionary design process was AutoCAD®. “AutoCAD was incredibly valuable, and not just from a final documentation standpoint,” says Frechette. “We took individual parts of the building, modeled them in 3D in AutoCAD, extracted the information, and imported that data into a variety of other programs for analysis. It offers a common language that can be used in so many different areas.”

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Robin Capper said...

I think it just proves BIM isn't an application, it's a way of working.

Tomislav Zigo said...

I could not agree more. The strength of any methodology lies in its adaptability to a wide range of problems. Maybe it is a high time to step away from vain software debates and start genuinely "reinforcing" the underpinning structure that would start shaping the basics of all BIM supporting platforms. As I like to point out, my BIM does not have to be someone else’s BIM, but we all need to be able to understand each other.