Thursday, June 26, 2008

Autodesk - Building Performance Modeling Powerhouse

After the recent acquisition of Green Building Studio, the acquisition of Ecotect is anything but a surprise. As the old saying goes, "If you can't beat them, buy them" and ADSK is apparently very good at doing so. What to expect next? Speculations aside, in my opinion another flavor of Revit might emerge, Revit Analytical as the melange of best what GBS and Ecotect can offer, Interface and DOE engine. Only time will show, but today it is quite certain who is 100% committed to BIM and BPA integration.


Brian Myers said...

Looking at the history of Autodesk I would disagree on what Autodesk plans to do with Ecotect. While obviously they could (and likely will for some time) keep these separate products, and it wouldn't be a surprise if certain aspects of these programs ended up in Revit, I see a different future. I would expect a green design Analytical solution that is a separate purchase.

Not all Architects/designers would use an analytical solution and even fewer would require it in every copy of Revit that they would purchase. On the other hand, a non-design solution that can be purchased on a per seat basis with perhaps a network license would make great financial sense for Autodesk (a copy of 2 software programs, the solution & Revit) as well as good business sense (to purchase) for many firms and designers.

Anonymous said...

Which then begs the question, if these new acquisitions will be working with Revit, what happens with ACA?