Friday, November 30, 2007

Autocad Architecture LEED EQ 8.1 update

After some positive feedback and a few constructive suggestion here is the updated LEED EQ 8.1 Daylight Factor interactive schedule that takes into account Net Area and Door/Window Assembly objects.


Jose Guia said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tomislav,
I had something in my sample file that refused to return the height and width for Door/Window assemblies. Started a 'clean' file and everything works great. Now, to add to the complexity I have another question. I have an instance where I have a room with three windows and one door. The three windows are no problem. The door I created as a Door/Window assembly because I need a glazed door to reach the 2%DF. Problem with a glazed door is that you have a reasonable amount of frame area that should be deducted so you end up with actual glass area. Probably to difficult to do this via a formula because of the amount of variables e.g. single door, double doors etc. My thought is to add a manual override. Calculate the glass area manually, enter this manually on the Extended Data tab and have this override the automatic height x width calculation.