Monday, November 30, 2009

Design Computation Symposium

AU had a great start with the symposium that addressed several direction in development of computational design. Informative sessions by the leaders in the advanced use of computation tools shed some light on the future of digital media its role within anthropocentric reality.

Notable lecture were given by prof. Dr. Kristina Shea on integration of knowledge management and generative design and fabrication, Jos Stam on Unified Dynamic Solver used in CG apps to simulate physical effects in a dynamic systems and Prof. Joe Clark of University of Strathclyde on Building Performance Simulation and the need for a unified model approach required for the whole building energy analysis.

AU Building Performance Analysis

This year's AU attention to sustainable design with the aid of Autodesk's BIM enabled applications is just another confirmation that ADSK means green business. I am particularly interested to see how far down the road we can push the information gathered through sustainability analysis during the design process into the construction activities. Some courses look very promising in that regard.
Along the same lines they just ‘up the ante’ by conducting the survey of their existing facilities from the energy footprint point of view. These results are published and posted on Autodesk’s website (Link).

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Post Occupany Energy Use Analysis

Case study in usability of Ecotect Analysis for the adaptive reuse projects. More information on this project is available upon a request.