Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Troubleshooting VICO Office after active VPN connection

In some instances starting VICO Office on 64 bit system could be a bit problematic during an active VPN session or immediately followed closing of such. In order to jump start VICO Office, VERSANT database service needs to be restarted. Simply open your Computer management panel and under listed services look for "VERSANTD", select it and restart it.

This will take care of your post VPN blank VICO Office dashboard .

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Revit Categories....

While mapping our assembly classification from Uniformat II to OmniClass Table 21 I needed the list of Revit object categories. This is only a part of that 200+ entry list that can be accessed upon exporting Revit model to ODBC.

-2000151Generic Models
-2000170Curtain Panels
-2000171Curtain Wall Mullions
-2000190Filled region
-2000191Plan Region
-2000340Curtain Systems
-2000996Shaft Openings
-2001040Electrical Equipment
-2001060Electrical Fixtures
-2001100Furniture Systems
-2001120Lighting Fixtures
-2001140Mechanical Equipment
-2001160Plumbing Fixtures
-2001300Structural Foundations
-2001320Structural Framing
-2001327Structural Beam Systems
-2001330Structural Columns
-2001336Structural Trusses
-2001350Specialty Equipment
-2001354Structural Stiffeners
-2008003Duct Tags
-2008010Duct Fittings
-2008013Air Terminals
-2008015Duct Systems
-2008016Duct Accessories
-2008020Flex Ducts
-2008037Electrical Circuits
-2008043Piping Systems
-2008049Pipe Fittings
-2008050Flex Pipes
-2008055Pipe Accessories
-2008075Telephone Devices
-2008077Nurse Call Devices
-2008078Nurse Call Device Tags
-2008079Security Devices
-2008081Communication Devices
-2008083Data Devices
-2008085Fire Alarm Devices
-2008087Lighting Devices
-2008090gbXML Surface
-2008101Switch System
-2008107HVAC Zones
-2009000Structural Rebar
-2009003Structural Area Reinforcement
-2009009Structural Path Reinforcement
-2009010Structural Path Reinforcement Symbols
-2009013Rebar Shape
-2009030Structural Connections

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top Ten reasons to do 5D BIM

Interesting perspective on why to use cost estimating as well schedule integration as a part of the comprehensive Virtual Design and Construction process...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Head-Tracking VR technology for BIM models

An interesting application of head-tracking technology which can be used to examine 3D models.