Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Revit Categories....

While mapping our assembly classification from Uniformat II to OmniClass Table 21 I needed the list of Revit object categories. This is only a part of that 200+ entry list that can be accessed upon exporting Revit model to ODBC.

-2000151Generic Models
-2000170Curtain Panels
-2000171Curtain Wall Mullions
-2000190Filled region
-2000191Plan Region
-2000340Curtain Systems
-2000996Shaft Openings
-2001040Electrical Equipment
-2001060Electrical Fixtures
-2001100Furniture Systems
-2001120Lighting Fixtures
-2001140Mechanical Equipment
-2001160Plumbing Fixtures
-2001300Structural Foundations
-2001320Structural Framing
-2001327Structural Beam Systems
-2001330Structural Columns
-2001336Structural Trusses
-2001350Specialty Equipment
-2001354Structural Stiffeners
-2008003Duct Tags
-2008010Duct Fittings
-2008013Air Terminals
-2008015Duct Systems
-2008016Duct Accessories
-2008020Flex Ducts
-2008037Electrical Circuits
-2008043Piping Systems
-2008049Pipe Fittings
-2008050Flex Pipes
-2008055Pipe Accessories
-2008075Telephone Devices
-2008077Nurse Call Devices
-2008078Nurse Call Device Tags
-2008079Security Devices
-2008081Communication Devices
-2008083Data Devices
-2008085Fire Alarm Devices
-2008087Lighting Devices
-2008090gbXML Surface
-2008101Switch System
-2008107HVAC Zones
-2009000Structural Rebar
-2009003Structural Area Reinforcement
-2009009Structural Path Reinforcement
-2009010Structural Path Reinforcement Symbols
-2009013Rebar Shape
-2009030Structural Connections

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top Ten reasons to do 5D BIM

Interesting perspective on why to use cost estimating as well schedule integration as a part of the comprehensive Virtual Design and Construction process...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Head-Tracking VR technology for BIM models

An interesting application of head-tracking technology which can be used to examine 3D models.